Questions and Answers

1) Are you accredited?

The staff of Bonus Environmental, LLC is fully trained and accredited for all of the services we provide. Accreditations for these disciplines are through the States of Michigan, Ohio, and New York, as well as the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

2) Who are your customers?

Bonus Environmental, LLC’s desire is to continue to provide economical, value-added services to a wide array of clients, including those in the power generation, educational, financial, and services fields. Our focus is on indoor air quality (IAQ) and (OSHA compliance) exposure monitoring.

3) How far do you travel?

Our staff has conducted and successfully completed projects in over 40 states, and in 7 countries, including countries in Asia and the Middle East. We have proven to our clients that we can quickly and thoroughly research local regulations and respond to their needs across the globe. Within the State of Michigan, our locations in west and central Michigan enables us to respond to client needs throughout the state in a timely fashion.

4) What are your fees?

Our fees are dependent on several factors, primarily the task that we are to perform. We are always happy to provide a cost estimate and/or written proposal for any project that we are notified about.
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